What Is a 24 Hour Animal Clinic?

24 hour animal clinic

A 24 hour animal clinic is an animal clinic that is open all day and all night. Pet owners usually take their pet to a 24 hour animal clinic when their regular animal clinic is closed. This could be times, such as early mornings or late evenings, when other animal clinics are not open for business.

Most pet owners will only need to visit a 24 hour animal clinic when their pet becomes very sick or has been severely injured and medical treatment cannot be delayed until their regular animal is open. Some reasons why a pet may need to make a visit to a 24 hour emergency clinic are when they have trouble breathing, have ingested a poisonous substance, have been hit by a car, are vomiting uncontrollably, having seizures, and many other issues where they need immediate medical attention.

A 24 hour animal clinic is well trained to deal with emergency situations with pets and will have veterinarians and veterinarian technicians who specialize in emergency medicine. After a pet has been treated and released from a 24 hour animal, most of the time they will need to follow up with their vet at their regular animal clinic for follow-up care. In some cases the 24 hour animal clinic may require the pet to come back. It is best to discuss this with the veterinarian at the 24 hour animal clinic.

Hopefully, most pets will not need to visit a 24 hour animal clinic very often, but it’s always good for pet owners to know where a local 24 hour animal clinic is located before they need to actually go to one. Knowing the location and phone number of a 24 hour animal clinic can cut down on valuable time if a pet needs to get to a 24 hour animal clinic quickly.